Oil Boiler Service Meopham

Oil Boiler Service Meopham – Local Oftec Engineer Carrying Out Oil Boiler Services In Meopham.

Oil Boiler Service Meopham

If you have an oil boiler in your Meopham based property, then it is highly recommended to have an annual oil boiler service.

An oil boiler service keeps your boiler running efficiantly and helps prevent your oil boiler breaking down when you need it most. 

Precise Plumbing and Heating are based and work within the Meopham area. We carry out oil boiler services through out Meopham. 

Meopham Boiler Repair

Whats included in an Oil Boiler Service Meopham?

When it comes to servicing an oil boiler in Meopham, Kent, we first have to start of by checking, cleaning and replacing key consumable parts. These parts in include oil boiler burner nozzles and oil hoses. Not replacing these annually runs the risk of damaging the oil boiler and making it less efficient.

The second part of the oil boiler service, and one many oil boiler engineers avoid, is cleaning of the main combustion chamber and heat exchanger. Theses parts of the oil boiler are known to soot up, especially if it has not been burning correctly due to not being serviced or even incorrectly serviced. If its not cleaned, it will build up and will lead to the premature failure of the oil boiler. Whilst the boiler baffles are removed, we also have the opportunity to inspect the inside of the oil boiler for possible damage or poor combustion settings.

The final stage will be reinstating the oil boiler and checking and adjusting all tolerances to ensure the oil boiler is burning correctly.


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