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Gas Safety Certificate

Gas Safety Certificate, From £59.

Safety Certificate

£59 Inc

* Inspection of appliance and system to ensure safe operation.

* Digital Certificate.

* Gas Safe Engineer.

* System Plus One Appliance.

* Each Additional Appliance, £15

Safety certificate & Boiler Service

£89 Inc

* Full Boiler Service As Recommended By Manufacturer.

* Digital Certificate and Service Record Signed.

* Gas Safe Engineer.

* Helps Look After Boiler and Prevent Breakdowns.

* Each additional appliance safety check, £15

Land Lord Gas Safety Certificate

As a landlord, you are responsible for the gas safety of your tenants, therefore you must ensure that all gas appliances are working correctly and safely. Because of this, every rental property that has any sort of gas appliance, whether it be a gas boiler, gas hob or even a gas fire, requires a CP12. 

CP12’s can only be issued by a technician registered with the Gas Safe Register. All our engineers are registered with the Gas Safe Register

The safety certificates often go by the name of Gas Safety Record. View the Gas Safe Register to find out more about gas safety records. 

Gas Safety Certificate
Meopham Boiler Repair

Why Service Your Boiler?

Having a gas safety certificate of your boiler only ensures that you boiler is running safely. However,  Precise Plumbing and Heating always recommend having a boiler service carried out at the same time  as a gas safety certificate. 

A boiler service ensures your boiler is running efficiently and helps prevent or identify troublesome issues that may cause boiler downtime. Preventing boiler down time makes your life as a land lord much easier!

Furthermore, Think of a Gas Safety Certificate as an MOT on your car, you still need to service it to keep it running efficiently.

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